UI/UX Design
designing of any user interfaces
in which usability is as important
as the appearance
on my website
My name is Kateryna, I am Ukrainian living in the Netherland.
I have been experiencing design from different perspectives for over 10 years. Equally inspired by complex software development and the creation of a brand identity, I eager to put meaningful ideas into practices and make people’s life more convenient and saturated with the help of technology. ​
I picked the projects that are most valuable to me to tell a story of the design process and highlight the challenges that I have faced.
All Aboard
AR game
Geolocation Game with Augmented Reality that involves you to more physical activity in a playful way!
and healthy food
Help the Millennials to take control of eating habits in order to maintain good health condition for further longevity.
Eventix dashboard for tickets trade
The alert manager for the customer dashboard of the ticket service eventix.nl.
DoChange dashboard
for cardiologists
The Dashboard for cardiologists that helps doctors to analyze the patients data for preventing the clinical cases.
Misson Eureka Philips museum Game
Evaluation of the interaction game for Philips museum for children and parents.
UI Design for logistics and development companies
Redesign and development of the responsible corporate site for TMSoft Ltd.
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